Limousine rental with driver

Les limousines avec chauffeurs sont un choix de déplacement préféré pour beaucoup de gens, en particulier pour les évènements et ceux qui voyagent dans des endroits nouveaux et inconnus, contrairement à la location de voiture traditionnelle ou même aux taxis. Les limousines offrent plusieurs avantages. Le plus évident est le confort, le luxe et le prestige. En allant à un évènement, vous serez sûr de faire tourner les têtes lorsque vous y arriverez en limousine. En plus de cela, ces limousines sont assez confortables et offrent de l’espace, des rafraîchissements et des divertissements.

High game person transfer with driver

VIP passenger transport sector is a rapidly growing sector. VIP transport specialist on the the Riviera and mainly in the Marseillaise region, Excellium Limousine offers first class transfers through its fleet of modern and spacious vehicles. class to hotels, airports or even a yacht.

Taxi or VTC, a difficult cohabitation…

While the spirits barely calm down with the taxis and that VTC and taxi drivers coexist as best they can another actor has entered the scene, putting the confusion in this very disputed area that is the transfer of people. Actor in the form of an American start-up, whose application allows everyone to become a private driver or taxi, without any control or constraint. Taxis and VTC have of course reacted to this unfair and barely disguised competition. Unfair in more ways than one when one sees the heaviness of the administration and the number of taxes imposed on the craftsmen, true cash cows of a state little recognizing of its first working windfall, lung of the national economy …

limousine rental

Concierge : yacht rental, villa, service and chef at home…

Thanks to its perfect knowledge of the world of luxury, Excellium is the customer service which can help you to find a villa by the sea. More than a vehicle rental service with driver, Excellium is the service provider you need to find a villa by the sea, a chef at home with a butler, a yacht rental, and many cultural activities such as tours. in Provence, visits to the museum or simply your transfers to the biggest events in the PACA region such as the famous Cannes festival.

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